Executing projects with the utmost quality while
treating our client's investment as if it were our own.

Interior improvement projects have ranged from the redecoration of an office suite consisting of one lawyer’s office, a conference room and a reception area to multiple projects involving the complete reconstruction of more than 50,000 square feet of office space located on contiguous floors of a high rise structure.

Expressed in financial terms, these interior improvement projects have been supported by project budgets which range from less than $10,000.00 to more than $5,000,000.

Recent projects involving shell building construction include the construction for a public utility client of an 18,000 square foot field operations building housing garage, office, conference, and locker room functions along with the related site development, parking, utilities, and landscape work.

Routinely, service and repair work is performed for real estate property managers, clients for whom construction projects have previously been undertaken. Service is also provided to assist out of town real estate and design professionals with inspection functions or contract administration for projects based in Central Kentucky.


HealthcarePublic Utilities
-Physicians’ Offices--Administrative and Executive Offices
-Dental Offices-Laboratory Facilities
-Neighborhood Clinics-Treatment and Pumping Station Structures
-Hospital Office Facilities-Garage Facilities
-Retail Stores-Automotive Supplies
-Banking Centers-Forging Plant Offices and Support Area
-Finance/Mortgage Company OfficesSpecialized
-Real Estate Offices-Animal Sciences Testing Laboratory
-Insurance Company Agency Offices-Medical Records Transcription and Digitizing Center
Professional-Call Center – Freight Shipment Records Center
-Law Firms-Call Center – Horse Racing Gaming Center
-Insurance Company Administrative Offices-Museums
-Accounting Firms Office
-Horse Industry Research and Publication Offices